Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan terakhir di seseri...

Salam to all of the readers walaupun x follow... hehhehehe... is the day that i will go back to seseri.. and i do not feel the first ramadhan with my family but i feel the first ramadhan for the last time with my members at seseri n my crazy dormmates... love them a lot you know... how it will feel when the last day at seseri came to my life?? i think that day is the most happiest day but yet the most sadness day because i will missing my friends... u know what... i will missing the SBP life.. hehehhe... n yet i will cherish every momont with my friends at seseri because this is the first time that i enter all girl school.. so this is the last time girl momonts will appear in my lofe since at matriks and university didn't have all girls matriks and all girls university... i also didn't want to enter the matriks or that u because i want to meet guys and flirting with them.. hehhehe... i just watched a drama, the title is 3 2 1.. CINTA.... the drama is just sweet.. but the main thing that i want to say is.. the ratio of girls and guys is 37:1... the world is cruel right?? but we had to accepted is as we are just renting the world from our creator... but we still have the chance an hope to live happilt in this world right?? so enjoy ur life... n SELAMAT BERPUASA to all the readers.... :)   :p

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