Monday, September 24, 2012


Oppa.. or i should call u chingu??? erm..
ottoke?? i start to like u..somehow it will turn tu love...
but i know.. it is impossible..
y?? because its between u and me..
whats wrong with that??
i also didn't know n don't know..

what am i going to do??
stop loving u or start to love someone else??
u know what?? im a loyal person..
its hard for me to fall in love..
but when i do... i will always love u..

one sided love hurt so much..
especially when u love one of my frriend
and i love u...
i really got to hold my self..
need to control my heart ...
and the eyes... there is dam there..

before this im hurt a lot...
but this time should i hurt a lot too??
don't i deserve the happiness??
but with who??
with you??
ottoke??  dangsin-eun jeongmal nal saranghae? ?
andwea.. chongmal..chongmal.. andwea..
stopping myself... 

got to let this love fly away....

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