Wednesday, March 21, 2012


firstly syukur alhamdulillah to Allah.... thanks to the people that help me to achieve this result... thanks alot to teachers from SESERI and STHAM... friends from seseri and stham..also friends from skpr..

really i never expect that i got 8As and 1B... this morning i had a dream that i saw a terrible car accident in front of me.. lenyek kot kete toh kene hentam ngan lori.. then i dream about heechul being bad and almost killed... huah..scary anyway...

now i am filling up the online application from various type... wa ssh nyer.. x leh la mohon biasiswa petronas coz dia nk 9a... uwa..

ok da setengah jam kene tinggal blog nie... da siap fill in application form.. hurm.. harap la dpt scholarship coz course yg ekin nk amik tuh mahal... pas ni nk isi lak form utk biasiswa.. bye2.. muah2..

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