Thursday, July 7, 2011

long time no see you babe..

hey..i just went home from seseri.. hahahha..interesting because our school had postponed the sport's day only because that bersih things... funny..anyway..the student can go home because of that things.. heheheh.. so happy ok..

i call him last week... u know what he said???? he said that the crazy bitch girl said that i wrote everything bout him on fb... so lame... hahahha.. if i wrote bout him what is her problem anyway..she had nothing to do with him anymore... his mine ok... that the funniest things ever... accused me, i wrote something but there was nothing happened.. she always like that... i don't know what happened to her, suddenly interrupt my relationship... u can die bitch.. crap... i am mencarut-ing.. hehehhe...soory yup blog...

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