Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 days without a word u would feel if your boyfriend doesn't give i any news for 2 days.... do u feel unwanted by him??
humph... so did he think me a teddy bear that he could cuddle n then when he didn't want me, he left me like that on the floor.. i'm not that stupid but i feel lonely when he doesn't even text me or reply my SMS... i felt very angry n sad.... i feel like killing him right now.. i know he is busy but can't he reply a single text that say " can you text me another day dear because i'm busy right now." its ok when he said like that but nah...he is stupid.. he MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LOSER by MISSING HIM..... i'm i loser or what????????

Now...... what i'm going to do with him??? dump him or what??? i can't dump him because I LOOK UGLY WHEN I CRY... ggggggggrrrrrrr..... 

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